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Today my invitation for my five year high school class reunion came in the mail.

We are officially no longer in Kansas.
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So last night... probably about 11 or 11:30, the power went our which means that I laid here in the dark. I curled up in bed and read by candlelight and then it came back on about 2:30. It was kind of chilly at that point. >_> I probably should have gone to sleep, but I was getting to near the end of A Lion Among Men. I hope he's planning to write more, because I cannot get enough of the Wicked series. I can't even really pinpoint what it is I love so much about his writing, I just know that I love to read it. (Liir/Candle/Trism OT3, y/n?)

Dan Byrd + Sylar = LOVE that is all I will say about that. XD

So I agreed to pick up a shift tonight because Ashley wasn't feeling well last night and didn't think that she'd feel any better today, and I need the hours. But I had to talk to my brother and see when he could have the car back. He said, very martyr like, "I can be back by 3:30. Of course... I'll have to miss rehearsal..." and then he left.

WELL you know what? If you hadn't killed the car, we wouldn't be having this problem. The play is extra. It is not for a grade. SACRIFICES, IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME.

Unfortunately, working tonight means that I can't go to my high school's pops concert. Which is not such a downfall in itself. BUT I read in the newspaper that the concert will be concluding with La Vie Boheme. From Rent. I just. I don't know HOW. Are they going to skip all the verses? And now I won't be able to find out. Woe.

Behind the cut is the lyrics to LVB, with all the things I doubt we'd be able to mention at my alma mater in bold. I'm just guessing with where they could start. I'm imagining it will end before where I do and not include dialogue, but I figured as long as I was doing it... )

And if you can't mention mucho masturbation, why even bother.
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Guess who’s back? :)

“Wow” is the only word I can think of that covers my overall reaction.

New York, New York. So nice they named it twice. Picspam forthcoming. )

And I saw PoA... Spoilers herein )
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I'm using this icon again because it fits... Not to be overly sentimental, everything's changed for me. I don't mean just where I'm going to be in the fall, but also, something inside. It's odd. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

Or maybe I'm just being stupid again.

The gym was hotter than hell. There will be picspam eventually.

It just feels good to be done.

Congrats, class of 2004. We're done!
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You know, I think I should have decided to get a social life awhile ago. I've missed a bit.

Senior class party out at Kate's was fun, we had a huge bonfire in her cow pasture and told bad jokes (meaning dirty, blonde, dead baby, and yo' mama jokes). It was a fun time, I'm glad we had a senior class party that didn't involve a large group of people getting sloshed. I felt bad for Anne because she volunteered to be the designated driver for the Alcohol!Party. At least they had a DD, but... still. I hope nobody puked in her car. That would have sucked. I was a bit nervous driving home, because I didn't know if any of them would have tried to drive.

Although you learn the most interesting things at social gathering. Apparently a bunch of the senior guys had a bet that they could get Ashtin (4.0 student and sweet girl) drunk and to take her clothes off. She left our party a little early (around 9), we just hope she didn't go there afterwards. :-X

It feels weird to be out of school. I feel like I'm playing hookey but I'm not. Woohoo! And The West Wing is on. I love this show. (I'm getting upset with GH, I need to find a new show to love.)
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Today was interesting. I came home from school and all my stuff was in the living room, except for my bookcase and bedframe. Dad took the day off, rented a rug doctor, and did the carpets. o.O I swear, people tear up my room and stuff for fun.

I feel anticlimactic. I'm not sure if that's spelled right. Anyway, you know what I mean. I have my cap and gown, but commencement isn't until Sunday. Tomorrow is my last day of high school. Ever. Senior class party is tomorrow night, but I'll be going to the non-alcoholic one at Kate's, rather than the alcoholic one down at the Wapsi Dykes. I think that's where it is, anyway, I didn't pay much attention because I knew I didn't want to go to that one.

Like I said, it feels... odd. I don't have any more high school days, and thirteen years of routine and homework has come down to tomorrow.

I have approximately 55 assignments from creative writing. I should post some of them.
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There is nothing like a long table of speech freaks combined with a lot of sugary desserts.

Four days of school left. I think I've squared with everyone.

Things will be okay now.
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I wish I had something better to say than "Thank you" when someone tells me "congratulations". And I honestly wish that I could think of something better to do than cry when I realize that next year I'm not going to have Joe or Tony to make me smile in homeroom next year, or think about all the time I wasted alone this year. Not that all of its wasted -- some of it was spent very well with you.

Kimmie, do you still have your old default icon, the one with the girl and the yellowish background? If so, would you send it to me and allow me to modify it?
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Grandma's surgery went well. She is now home.

My internet is hopefully back.

I have eight days of school left, seventeen until commencement, and twenty-two until I leave for New York.

And I have a one-act play to write tonight.

That's about it.

And Relic? You will never guess in a million years what I found on my computer last night.
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Happy Mother's Day to the mothers and mothers of those on my flist. ::hugs::

And now for ramblings of the day.

I don't want to have a graduation party.

I don't want to have it at the church, I don't want to have it at home or at my grandma's house -- I don't want to have one. As in, at all. I don't really know why. I mean, in my head I know it makes sense, to have a place where people can congratulate me on graduating high school and give me money my accomplishments... but I don't really feel like it's that big of an accomplishment. I don't feel like it's an end to be celebrated, just a stepping stone. I have so much more that I want to accomplish that it seems silly to celebrate now, sort of like putting the cart before the horse.

I know that must sound overly patrician and snotty, but it's how I feel. I don't have a degree yet, I have a diploma. I haven't gotten into film school or BADA or AMDA. I don't have a Golden Globe, SAG Award, or Oscar on my dresser.

...and I really don't want to be in a large group of people who are related to me. I don't do well in those sorts of groups.
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Dear Men's Corner,

What kind of bloody tuxedo shoppe are you if you are not open on prom day? That's what I want to fucking know.

No love,

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So, anyone want to do this creative writing assignment for me that's not really all that creative at all? It's one of those evil but obligatory "Interview Someone Over 65 And Write About How Your Life Is Different From Theirs" assignments. I. DON'T. WANT. TO DO IT.

Can I just fall asleep and not wake up until Sunday morning?
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I said NO NEW CHARACTERS and I meant it.

You know, I can't even count the number of days left of school. It's just difficult to think about. There's only six days until prom (rather, after prom) and I can't wait for anything to be over. That sentence didn't make any sense.

But I'm still happy, because in June I get to go to New York, and in July I get to go see [livejournal.com profile] heathersy.

EDIT for Pic!Spam: His lap wants sitting in.
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Operation Prom day. I hate funerals, even fake ones. I didn't know there was going to be a fake funeral for the student who "died" after the simulated drunk driving accident. I couldn't stand it when they wheeled a casket into the gym. I'm pretty sure everyone else thought I was nuts. Not that it really matters, since I'm not going to prom.

Bugger all.
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Well, after an examination of my toes at approximately 3 AM this morning (after I accidentally kicked the wall in my sleep, cried out in pain and woke up my mother on the other side of the wall), my toes are not broken but are indeed bruised.

Sarah and I signed up to share a room in New York, but knowing our luck we won't find anyone else to share with, and then we'll be split up into two other rooms that already have three and thus will be forced to share a room with girls who use too much hairspray and make up and I just don't like.

Finished third Princess Diaries that I started last night. Can't help it, I love those books. It made me happy.

I haven't eaten since about 4:30 yesterday and I'm starved. We have half a box of bowtie pasta in the cupboard. You do the math.

Need to fill out housing information and first year seminar forms for Coe. Damn.
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This day has to be the record for going from good to bad. I had an eye appointment at 8:45, so I didn't go in for first block. I went in for second and actually got a spot in the parking lot from some poor person who left for service learning. During lunch I finished Bridget Jones's Diary, and I think I have found the perfect quote to describe my entire high school experience:

"I hate Christmas. Everything is designed for families, romance, warmth, emotion and presents, and if you have no boyfriend, no money, your mother is going out with a missing Portuguese crimical and your friends don't want to be your friend anymore, it makes you want to emigrate to a vicious Muslin regime, where at least all the women are treated like social outcasts."

Well. If it's up to Bush there aren't going to be any of those left to move to. Grr. Argh. During third block was the frustrating talk and flaunting of prom plans. I have no prom plans. Nobody's even bothered to ask if I want to be bloody third wheel. May as well stay up until midnight and then go to After Prom, as I don't see the point of getting fancied up in a gorgeous dress and then going to the roller rink in Eldridge to play Tetris on my cell phone for four hours and possibly ruin eye makeup by having a good cry in the girl's restroom.

Now for the frosting on the cake. Before I could hit Katie or Rachel or do something equally socially unacceptable, I went to my homeroom Jazz band, where it was my free day today, went outside and kicked the shit out of the west wall of the science garden. With both feet. I was so angry I was going to start hitting it but apparently there were people in classrooms across the garden who were enjoying my show. I think I have successfully broken every single toe on both of my feet except possibly the big ones, as they hurt to move or put slightest pressure on. I don't want to look to see if they are all black and blue or not, but I think they probably are. It is complete agony to walk, stand, set my feet on the floor, and I have taken enough tylenol to level a horse. I hate my life.

Meme )
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[livejournal.com profile] darkestwizard : Lord Voldemort. Evil genius.

I am so amused. :-P

Last night was my last All School Band Concert. I'm sad. But we had AWESOME MUSIC. We played Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes. Therefore, it rocks. My mom took some pictures, but I haven't figured out how to put them on my computer yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'm getting a copy of the concert from a DVD recorder. I'd like to let you guys see it, but I don't know if that's possible or not. :( Oh well. It rocked anyway.

I can't believe there's only about 34 more days before I graduate.
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My head hurts, I'm cold, I'm tired, and I want my Heather back. I don't know why I'm going to New York with 60 other people who could care less if I dropped dead. I'm not going to have roommates voluntarily. Maybe I can sleep on one of the buses.
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I now have a full week of spring break. W00t.


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