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So since everyone in this program is being a dick today (myself included; having been awake for about twenty-seven hours my tolerance level for bullshit is non-existent), I have immersed myself in the wank that I linked earlier.

Oh my god. This is so much more epic than I could have ever hoped. It's like the Wank Fairy and Santa got together and said LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. And it could not have happened at a better time.

Yes, I love to look at the misfortune of others that they brought on themselves, and this may come back to bite me in the ass some day, but at least I don't con people out of money.

I have about an hour and a half until my evaluation. I'm kind of nervous, despite the fact that Stephie called it painless.
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Hooray for "Return of the King"'s 11 Oscar nominations! And Johnny Depp, too! See you all February 29!
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Two papers in seven hours. Take that Mr. Thomas and Mr. Eberle!

EDIT: But, uh, still no studying done for the music theory test tomorrow morning first thing. Shit.

EDIT 2: That's it, no more reading of flist until I see RotK. The GIPs and cuts are far too tempting. ::vows to drag Joe to see it Monday at latest::
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Andrew's already seen RotK, he went last night at 12:20. Am lamenting. ::lament, lament::
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One more thing:

Return of the King opens tomorrow. If there are spoilers in my friends page that are not under a cut, said friend will be hunted down and brutally hurt in a fashion that would make the Marquis deSade shed a tear in terror.

Have a nice day.
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After downloading (apparently) the trailer that was played at the end of FOTR for TTT last year, I notice a few things that were missing from the final version of the film...

  • Arwen languishing here. She appears to be outside and... well, a bit under the weather?
  • Here where she has the cloak on. Probably when she is leaving.
  • Aragorn (I believe) and Arwen here. So you Anti-Arwen-in-TTT people, count yourself lucky, she could have been in there more.
  • As well as when Gandalf says, "Sauron is not so mighty yet that he is above fear... he fears you, Aragorn. He fears what you may become," and Saruman responds with "So Gandalf Greyhim thinks he has found the lost King of Gondor? ...The world of men will fall."

Waah, I want extended edition of TTT now.
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Yes, folks, its the Return of Incorrect LOTR Captions -- For The Two Towers. :D

Wormtongue: Can't you see your uncle is greatly varied by your mall content? (Apparently lack of Gap and Banana Republic in Rohan doesn't bother Théoden.)

Éomer: Too long have I wanted my sister. (Yeah. I'm not even touching that one.)

Gollum: Dead you may not kill them. (Damn.)

Gandalf: Gandolf foogray that was my name. (Apparently Gandalf's been into the wine.)

Hama: I cannot allow in front of the king with so many arms. (Were you planning on cutting a few off?)

And that's only the first 60 minutes, folks. ;)
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Unrelated to the rest of the post, IronChef!Snape. I think I'm going to die.

A poem and a drabble. Not remotely related. Well, maybe remotely.

When )

'Evenstar', Aragorn/Legolas. Movie-verse. It works, really. )
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My programs keep saying they have performed illegal procedures. They obviously do not comprehend that when you do something illegal you're not supposed to tell people about it.

Ooh, another good part of HuckFinn!Elijah? His "My Name Is... Uh... Underhill!" face was the "My Name Is... Uh... Sarah/Mary Williams!" face. :D

I have way too much fun.

Randomly, tomorrow (January 15) is the day that Gandalf fell into Shadow. And Frodo was stabbed on Weathertop the day before my birthday.


Dec. 31st, 2002 12:34 pm
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My mother said, "If you want to drag the kids down to the Quad Cities, you can go see The Two Towers this afternoon."

Sha. I would drag the entire Barnum and Bailey circus if it meant I would see TTT again. Yes, I am that desperate. Happy New Year if I don't see you, all. ;)
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I have succumbed to the LOTR section at ff.net. Oh, God help me. ::weebles::

[livejournal.com profile] iscaris's Through Bitter Chains ish v. good, though.
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::squees:: Our DVD player is so pretty.

Song so pretty.

Search for extended version of LOTR fruitless. Bah.

EDIT: (Because I don't want to spam :P) Ride home was all right. Stopped at Coralridge Mall, still didn't have any money. Although have decided that I'm definitely loosing weight, as I was able to try on jeans one size smaller than what I usually wear. And I annoyed mother by putting dialogue with the LOTR soundtrack on the way home, which we put in the player. Especially during the "Breaking of the Fellowship" track. :) No, I'm not sad like that...

Off to watch FOTR for the third time in three days. Not extended and no commentary, but, still there. ::flounces to lust after various peoples::
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I found this on IMDb.com. Enjoy. :)

there have been a lot of discussion about changing the title because of 11th sept. and I know all of you are against it, but I don't. Can't you think about how some people can be hurted because of that title? I know lotr was written years ago, but nowadays this title is politically incorrect. Besides there are some things in the fellowship of the ring which really are not politically correct, and they should have been changed in order to not hurt some people.
here are the changes:

- All the characters in FotR are white and straight. It can hurt some minor groups, so some characters should have been black (for example Aragorn and Merry), some latinos (arwen and Elrond) and some gays (Legolas and Gimli).

- Hobbits are really short, that surely hurts short people, so they should have been taller, or at least every 20 minutes some member of the fellowship should have said: You are not short, you are low-heighted people, but we love you.

- Sam is quite fat. That can hurt fat people, so he should have been thinner.

- Elves are really thin. That can provide a bad example to teenagers who would become anorexic. So they should be fatter.

- Elves have also long blonde hair. That can hurt bald people, who would feel jealous. So some elves should have been bald, for example Legolas and Celeborn.

- Saruman is an evil wizard. That would hurt David Copperfield, so Saruman should have changed his job. He could have been president of USA instead of wizard.

- Orcs have a really crooked-horrible teeth. That can hurt dentists. They should have had a perfect smile.

- A ring contains the evil power. That would be bad for jewelers. So instead of a ring, the evil would be contained in a small box. So it would be called, 'the lord of the small box'

- There isn't any kind of church, that would hurt catholic people. So every sunday, the fellowship should go to the church, except the people who belong to other religions, for example Sam would be budist and Boromir islamic.

And someone else wrote:

Why stop there?

The Ringwraiths and their horses being in all black is just too racist. They should be colored more like the Power Rangers, one for each color of the rainbow.

That flood scene could terrify people scared of the water, not to mention the poor connotation it put on the horses that appearred to be part of it. Couldn't Arwen simply have said "go away" or "boo" or something like that, then the Ringwraith Power Rangers could have just run away?

I'm concerned that the Watcher puts squid and octopi in a bad light. Couldn't Frodo have just tripped on a rock or something and fell in the water?

There is an ever growing population of demon and devil worshippers whom I'm sure were offended by the Balrog scene. Perhaps something like a little bunny would have been better. I hear that one used in The Quest for the Holy Grail is out of work.

And what's with all the magnificent mountain scenes. People who live in the deserts are just going to have a cow. They are going to feel completely inadequate. I think the Misty Desert would have worked. The whole Mines of Moria thing could easily have taken place in a sand dune.

::is laughing far too hard to speak::
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Its amazing how your friends can make a lousy day better. I got up late, had car trouble, had a lousy first class (Algebra II, enough said), had a boring study hall, but I get to band and boom my day is better. I loff my friends. ::fluffs them up::

And then I got out at 2:50 today for "The Two Towers".

Wow. That is all I have to say.

TTT stuff )

Like I said, more when I see it again. Its been six hours and I have to finish a ficlet. ::flies off: :)


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