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So for want of anything else to do on a Saturday night, I went to Bank of America's website (one of the two banks with ATMs on campus, and the only one off Long Island) and signed up for checking/savings accounts so I can get my New York residency. Monday I'll have to go see what I have to do to change my direct deposit account. :x


ETA: Also, why does the universe hate me? Why is there a SPN con in Chitown right after I leave the Midwest? This can't be a coincidence. Because I could have been in the same room at that right there.

I'm sorry. You know what a man in a vest and tie does to me.

I'd kind of like to go to one. Because now that 5x09's aired I can only imagine the meta meta that will be going on will be FANTASTIC.
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Karl Malden died, at the age of 97. He was in a lot of great movies (and one very great episode of The West Wing), but my favorite is undoubtedly Pollyanna where he plays Reverend Ford.

Reverend Ford: [reading Pollyanna's locket] When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will. - Abraham Lincoln.
Pollyanna Whittier: He was President.
Reverend Ford: Yes, I know... but I've never heard that before.
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Brooklyn College just called me to say that they had my stuff, BUT the papers I wrote had to go to the department in question, which I never EVER saw on their website, and also that they never received my official transcripts from Coe OR my letters of recommendation.

There's two I'm not getting into. Three to go.
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Dear Doctor Who fans of the internet:

I'm sorry. Since I have just gotten in to Doctor Who and the laws of the universe state that the minute I like something, it has to be somehow ruined, I can only conclude that this is somehow my fault.

I am going to beat myself with a wet noodle and perhaps pay off [livejournal.com profile] phiremangston and/or [livejournal.com profile] duchessdollydot to stalk David Tennant and beg him to change his mind since they are much closer than I.

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I love free WiFi. Giving me reason to procrastinate since 2005.

We're at the hospital with my grandmother right now. She had her gall bladder out yesterday, but she had to have some kind of procedure today where they looked down into her stomach, because yesterday during surgery they found a stone although apparently it passed because today they didn't find anything. So she might be able to come home tomorrow, depending.

I finished AFFC finally, ZOMG. I can't wait for the fifth book. Hurry, GRRM, hurry.

My mom is sitting beside me and she's been plowing her way through the series too. She's almost finished with ASOS, so I had to hurry up and finish AFFC. And now I can submit my app to [livejournal.com profile] westerosorting which I will do once I finish the last question. \o/

I should be writing my recap/review of Dirty Sexy Money buuuuuut no such luck. >_> It was a good ep, though.

I think I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year. There's always a million reasons not to do something.

ETA: Okay, Spring Awakening is closing. Day = officially ruined. I hate that arts are the first things to go when the economy is in the tank, but how the arts are doing is indicative of a society itself. But this is me talking out of my ass.
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Okay, work not as big of a mistake as I thought. To review for [livejournal.com profile] white_quill, I was hired as seasonal help at a women's clothing store in the mall about 20 miles away. I don't mind driving -- I like driving actually, my worry is that gas will cost me more than they wind up paying me. And that is likely. Also it's a bummer because I have to share a car with my mother, and while she works in town so it's not as big of a deal if she didn't, it makes me feel bad. Also, I really wanted to work days but nobody is going to let me work days. Not RJ, not Michelle (manager at the store), it's just not going to happen. Ergo, I'm going to wind up not getting to do things that I would otherwise want to do. But whatever.

Although the first thing they had me do was sort freight -- the clothing they received today -- which consisted of opening boxes, sorting shirts, pants, underwear, jackets, etc., and then I did some reading (handbook with an accompanying quiz) and then I did some cleaning.

I got a voicemail about six o'clock from my mom who said they were taking grandma to the hospital in Davenport and I should call her ASAP. So since I was in the back, I called her but she didn't pick up right away. So I spent about ten minutes in a panic thinking my grandmother was dying and no one was going to be able to tell me and holy shit what a first day, right? Well, I got a hold of my mother and she had neglected to mention in her message that it was for her gall bladder, which is fairly routine and not usually life threatening. So I calmed down a little. They're going to do surgery some time tomorrow.

One of the girls at the store told me that I had a British accent on some words. XD I think I said, "Excellent!" so it's perfectly possible. I have been watching Doctor Who and watch more British television than the average American thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas, I want a TARDIS and am considering changing my career to Doctor's companion. What, I could do it.

And when I got home tonight, my brother and his girlfriend (who, wait for it, we met last Saturday at the play and my sister discovered on FACEBOOK, I love the internet) were on the couch, so I took my laptop and went back to my room until they were gone Three's a crowd, after all. >_>

And it's hella windy out there.
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I went back to Coe tonight to see the play and it was marvelous. We have talented actors at Coe and this was an especially momentous occasion, as it was the first time we did plays by black playwrights. Florence and The Dutchman were both staged as a joint venture called A Dream Deferred, A Race Derailed. A couple of years ago, we read Topdog, Underdog in our theatre history class, and the question came up: why do we not do this play? It's an excellent play, it's probably one of my favorites that I had to read for theatre history, and I read a lot of plays. But it was said that we couldn't do these sorts of plays (where African-American/ethnic casting is needed for the play to make sense), i.e., put them on the schedule if no one was going to show up and audition. There's a certain amount of logic to this; we (and when I say "we" I mean the department) needed to decide whether or not if we built it, they would come.

Well, we built it. And they came.

Jackie, I'll give you more details later if you want them I promise, I am just REALLY tired right now. And if you all read on you will find out why.

The short story: I dropped my car key down the elevator shaft in Murray.

The long story: After the play was over I bid my sister good night some of my friends (Lizabe [[livejournal.com profile] techie34], Ashley, Rae, and Chelsea) were getting ready to go to the Homecoming dance, and I was catching up with them some while they did so. I was going to go to the truck (I was driving my dad's Big Truck) and they were going to go to the dance, so we were heading out together. I had the key out and I guess I didn't have a good hold on it or something and it fell out of my hand and RIGHT in the space between the elevator car and the floor. There was much swearing and gnashing of teeth and a little crying (you know how I get). We talked to the RA on duty who did his best to help us (even taping a hook to a broom handle to try and stick in the shaft, bless him) and well. They can't get into the shaft until they can get maintenance in there which would have been tomorrow at the very, very earliest but more likely Monday. And, the cynic in me says, most likely even later than that, because this is Coe College. (It's like Sparta, except it sucks.) So Lizabe, GOD BLESS HER, I LOVE LIZABE, lent me her car so I could drive home. I'll go back tomorrow, return the car, and take the truck back. I parked the truck in a zone that had no parking between 11 PM and 8 AM or something, right there on 1st Ave, but of course I didn't figure on leaving it there over night. I figure I'll have a parking ticket (FUCK) but I am petrified that it's going to be towed and impounded, because I don't owe enough people money already.

I just. Why do these things always happen to me?
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So I didn't make show choir. Story of my life.

One less thing, anyway.

Hugs and kisses to [livejournal.com profile] roseanna for talking to an upset!me on the phone and talking me down. <3 you honey.

And PBBT to [livejournal.com profile] mystery_coffee for being a bitch to my Bethany. I don't think she's getting paid anything for this either, although I don't know how this works out to be a labor of love.

Bed now. My sentences are beginning to fragment and I'm making a lot of typos. Zzzz...
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We got a letter from the court today. My brother and sister's court date is set for June 23.

I know it was a really stupid thing to do but I don't want anything to happen to them. They're generally good kids, they just had a moment of extremely bad judgement. I hope they look. God, I hope they look. I don't want my brother and sister to go to a juvenile detention center for being stupid. Being stupid is not a crime. Believe me, our prisons and jails would be more populated if it were.
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My mother has informed me that my fish, Sirius, has most likely been eaten by one of our cats.

Sirius the fish
A good, pretty beta fish
Died in valour as
His namesake.



Dec. 7th, 2003 09:41 pm
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This weekend's been a busy one.

I'm so sad about Crybaby right now. My mom took her to the vet on Saturday morning, is estimated to be about six months old, and she has earmites, worms, and is FIV+. For those of you who don't know (which is a few of you, I didn't know this until Saturday morning either), FIV is the feline equivalent of HIV. Chances are eventually she will get sick and sicker until we have to put her to sleep. We had the choice of keeping her and vaccinating the other cats, or putting her to sleep right now. It was basically no decision because while we in the family understand there is a difference between humans and animals, we don't euthanize HIV+ people now, do we? So we're keeping her, and she has to stay at my grandmother's until two weeks after we get the other cats vaccinated, which will be on Wednesday.

First Christmas party of the year was last night, I'm afraid I'm going to have trouble sticking to Weight Watchers, and no time to do any exercise. :\

I have a college visit tomorrow, to Coe College which is in Cedar Rapids. Meh. With my dad. Wah. >_<

OTOH, have seen PotC twice since it came out. Yayee, Orlando Bloom is so mine.
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Lost 3.8 pounds in my first week of Weight Watchers. Go me!

In sadder news, we learned today that a freshman at my high school hung himself Friday night and died. We won't know what was in his heart, but it's sad that a 15-year-old was so desparate to get out of this life that he ended it himself.
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My grandmother just accused me of stealing.

I have many faults, but being a thief is not one of them.
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Today is a great many things to me.

It is my dad's birthday.
It is Cory's deathday.
It is today, two years ago, that I entered the fandom by reading my first piece of HP fanfiction.

And now Bob Hope died. BOB FREAKIN' HOPE. I guess we should have known that he would be the next one to go. RIP Bob. <33
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Gregory Peck dies at 87. For me, this is not only the death of a legend, but the death of an inspiration.

Thank you for stimulating my mind and my emotion. ---\--@
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So it begins.

The second war in my lifetime has begun, and all I can do is pray to God that it is the last.

I think King Théoden said it best. "What can men do against such wreckless hate?"
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Nothing to write today.

Besides to say that was one hell of an algebra test, Mr. Townsley.

And that I am very sad because Mr. Rogers died today. Its a very sad day in the neighborhood.

EDIT: And I found my "Into the Woods" CD! Much listenage is needed!

(But I have just realized that Jack refers to Milky White as a "he" and his mother refers to the cow as a "she". Is confused.)


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