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Awhile ago, there was a "send the book to a friend" giveaway for His Majesty's Dragon, which I participated in. YAY right? I figured worse case scenario is that my mom gets a free copy of the book (would have sent it to [livejournal.com profile] thinkatory but she'd already borrowed my copy of the first book) but there was a better case scenario! Apparently there was a chance to win a copy of the ~new book, Tongues of Serpents all autographed by Naomi Novik and everything. Which I guess I did, because I got a copy in the mail and everything.

So I get to read it now. \o/ I don't feel like such a loser now.

ETA: Ha. If you look at my bookshelf you can always tell at what point I got into the series, because while I'm catching up I buy paperbacks and the new books are hardcover because I can't wait to read them. XD
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The one time I actually CAN go to bed early and have the desire to, I can't sleep and end up laying there, tossing around for two hours. This is a bitch.

I had to write a ten minute play for my Play Development Workshop class, since we're holding a ten minute play festival (using the prompt "the most important thing in the world") and Steve wanted us to "understand the process" or something. I don't really consider myself a playwright, so it was an interesting exercise. I do prose, usually, where you can have narrative and a little more psychological insight whereas in a play it's all action and it all has to be in the text. Anything else the director's making up. Anyway, Chris wrote this great dark comedy about hope, and Aaron wrote these hilarious little vignettes about the invention of the wheel, and I wrote a piece about a guy who accidentally killed and then purposefully dismembered a young girl and he wants the mother's forgiveness before he gets strapped to a table. I am a cheery little fuck.

Also, I am very bad with money and nobody should ever let me have any. And you should never go grocery shopping when you haven't eaten anything all day. These two statements are related.

My last Mentalist recap was sixteenth in the top thirty hits for thetwocents.com last week! Woo! This has never happened for me before, so this is a good thing.

Steve wants to start holding graduate meetings on Tuesday mornings at NINE AM. Which would be all very well and good, I'm sure, except when you can't fall asleep until 4:30 and have to leave the apartment at 8:30 to get there on time, the morning comes very early.

Today I was very sleepy because that's what happened to me last night. I was sleepy which is different from just tired.

I started reading the next Bernard Cornwell book I have, which is The Archer's Tale, the first of a trilogy. I get through the first twenty pages, coastal English village, our hero is tall and strong, your basic Cornwell fare. We also get to hear a lot about the priest. Also pretty typical for Cornwell, as his priests tend to come in two flavors: one, holier-than-thou, vice ridden, and disgustingly corrupt, or two, not as pious and devoted as you might expect but okay guys. This one is the latter. Okay. Well we have French raiders getting all up in their grill now and kill the priest and the rest of the village as well (except for our hero of course). Okay, fine.

Hero and the priest get this wonderful scene before he expires and then we find out the hero is the priest's son, and this is treated as though we readers should have known this all along. And maybe I should have been genre-savvy enough to know, since in that moment we also hear that hero's mother is the priest's housekeeper. Okay then. But looking back though the first pages, it is pretty much implied that the priest and hero's father are two different people. I get the whole priests having kids thing, I do. But if Cornwell was going for a Big Reveal, I can only say that he failed fantastically and his editor should have beat him with a switch until he fixed it. Sometimes I think best-selling authors start getting held to a lower standard than lower-earning authors do and getting passes because they make the company money (Jesus, look at SMeyer), but I digress. I was just disappointed is all.
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Agh too much shit to do already.

I got an e-mail back from Microsoft about my failed updates -- two keep failing to install and until my computer is up to date I can't register on the school network, which is a pain in my rear. But it was a "we're working on it, don't panic" response rather than anything helpful, so thanks, Microsoft.

I stayed up until four in the morning reading Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell. I love his Warlord Trilogy, which was a historical retelling of the Arthurian legend (and starts with the book The Winter King and you all should READ IT NOW) and I have his Holy Grail series to start on next. I love this man's historical fiction. It's gritty, and in Agincourt one of the things I loved about it is that while there was a romantic subplot, I would say that romantic was a very strong word for it. It was matter-of-fact and real, just a part of the life this character was leading. It wasn't soppy, it wasn't melodramatic, in places I would even argue that I wanted more, but I would venture to say that because I loved the characters.

I mean. The last time I stayed up curled in bed for hours to read a book was... okay it was Stephenie Meyer's The Host but while still not exactly great literature, I think that book is in many ways superior to her Twilight books, and just as addictive. The time before that, it was Storm of Swords. So yeah. it takes a lot to keep me up reading.
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Awesome things today:

I got a three piece luggage set at goodwill for ten bucks. For another two bucks I got Jacob Have I Loved in paperback and Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers in hardback.
I AM getting money for SUNY. I haven't done the math on how much it is going to be after tuition and everything, but I think I'll be okay.
Related: see today's XKCD. That is me.
Today all I did was freight. I didn't have to steal with stupid customers.
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My grandmother found me on Facebook. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Easter was fun. In the My Family Drives Me Batshit Crazy But I Love Them Anyway sort of way. The mall was closed so I wasn't working and no one was calling me to come work for them. I spent too much money this weekend (and some of it was Not Money -- I got approved for the Lane Bryant credit card, but I figure as long as I don't use it left, right, and center and pay the balance off I can control it).

Friday I finished His Majesty's Dragon which was every bit as kickass as I thought the Napoleonic war + dragons would be. I bought that one at the same time as I did A Game of Thrones, which I obviously read first and then had to continue reading. But I've finally done enough reading of other stuff that I picked that one up. I have the next three in the series, I don't have the newest one yet and I think I'm going to wait for paperback, because that's what my others are, and they all have to match, you know.

Anyway, yes. Temeraire is awesome and I'm a little in love with Laurence. And the two of them together are absolute adorableness. <333333

I was going to be a good girl and keep track of the books that I read this year in a document on my computer, but it's already way behind. Bad, Liz, bad.
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So last night... probably about 11 or 11:30, the power went our which means that I laid here in the dark. I curled up in bed and read by candlelight and then it came back on about 2:30. It was kind of chilly at that point. >_> I probably should have gone to sleep, but I was getting to near the end of A Lion Among Men. I hope he's planning to write more, because I cannot get enough of the Wicked series. I can't even really pinpoint what it is I love so much about his writing, I just know that I love to read it. (Liir/Candle/Trism OT3, y/n?)

Dan Byrd + Sylar = LOVE that is all I will say about that. XD

So I agreed to pick up a shift tonight because Ashley wasn't feeling well last night and didn't think that she'd feel any better today, and I need the hours. But I had to talk to my brother and see when he could have the car back. He said, very martyr like, "I can be back by 3:30. Of course... I'll have to miss rehearsal..." and then he left.

WELL you know what? If you hadn't killed the car, we wouldn't be having this problem. The play is extra. It is not for a grade. SACRIFICES, IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME.

Unfortunately, working tonight means that I can't go to my high school's pops concert. Which is not such a downfall in itself. BUT I read in the newspaper that the concert will be concluding with La Vie Boheme. From Rent. I just. I don't know HOW. Are they going to skip all the verses? And now I won't be able to find out. Woe.

Behind the cut is the lyrics to LVB, with all the things I doubt we'd be able to mention at my alma mater in bold. I'm just guessing with where they could start. I'm imagining it will end before where I do and not include dialogue, but I figured as long as I was doing it... )

And if you can't mention mucho masturbation, why even bother.
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Yay jaunty Captain Jack icon.

I was supposed to go in to work at three, but Frank called me at 1 asking if I could come in to cover for him until RJ got there because he was le sick or something. I didn't really listen. So I went in for about forty-five minutes until RJ got there and he said I could come back at four, so go back at four I shall.

I replaced University of Iowa with Brooklyn College CUNY, because they also have a dramaturgy program AND a theatre history/criticism program. :x I sent an e-mail to admissions asking what their policy on dual application was because I can't deciiiiiiiide mommy, I wanna do booooooooooooooth.

I was having my Waking Nightmares again. It's not a technical term, but a Waking Nightmare is those uncontrollable thoughts and worries I have about money, getting into a school, money, my brother not moving his ass to get into a real school when he's finishing his AA in the spring, money, [livejournal.com profile] thinkatory finishing her thesis, [livejournal.com profile] roseanna and her busy, busy Beeness, money, weird dreams I have, [livejournal.com profile] kaesa being eaten by science, and money when I am trying to sleep. My mind races and I can't sleep and I end up tossing and turning and thinking about it. And sometimes I think I should get up and read or do something until I'm ready to pass out, except it's already three in the morning and it'll take at least half an hour for my mind to slow down... I'm supposed to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks or something, this is probably something I should mention. Except it doesn't really do any good to put me on an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication, does it? ... It just seems counter productive. Maybe less fluoxetine will just do the trick.

Like last night, I was going to turn the light back on and read, but I'd just finished my book. The Handmaid's Tale, if you're curious. My brother read it for a class a couple of years ago, shoved it at my mom, and she shoved it at me. I think I'm going to read The Host next.

I have these really weird dreams. Like the other night I was eating bagels in the kitchen and for some reason the Tyrells were there. Like, not even [livejournal.com profile] westerosorting Tyrells who at least have the virtue of being real people. No. Like Margaery and Loras Tyrell were in my kitchen, eating bagels with me. I also have a dream about this restaurant that is somewhere out in the middle of nowhere north of DeWitt, and it has not only the best chocolate milkshakes I've ever had, but their chicken is delicious and so are their french fries. I was actually convinced that this restaurant was real, but when nobody in my family knew what the hell I was talking about, I realized I'd dreamed it all.

Also, ABC cancelled Dirty Sexy Money. Which, considering how it was going, might be a good thing.
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Grad school freakout. )

So I'm freaking out. I'm going to end on good stuff. Good stuff. Hm.

Well I'm watching The Lazarus Project (third season Doctor Who) and the Doctor just said "We need to turn this up to eleven." I'm always good for a Spinal Tap reference.

HBO gave a production order for A Game of Thrones, which I'm excited about. I'm also contemplating the merits of going to see the new James Bond after work on Saturday.

I work tomorrow 2-5 here at the movie store and then 5:30-9:30 in Davenport, which I'm not really okay with. Boo. My first Stafford Loan payment is due at the end of the month and that's okay, I get paid again before it's due and it'll be okay, but I'm just nervous about future months when I'm not sure if I'll be able to pay. I told you, I'm shite at this adult crap.

(Doctor, you can show up and whisk me away in the TARDIS any minute now...)

Hm. Good... ... ... Jared Diamond is going to be at Coe on February 3rd, and I might actually be finished with Guns, Germs, and Steel by then.

I'm going to stop there before I go back into a freakout.
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I love free WiFi. Giving me reason to procrastinate since 2005.

We're at the hospital with my grandmother right now. She had her gall bladder out yesterday, but she had to have some kind of procedure today where they looked down into her stomach, because yesterday during surgery they found a stone although apparently it passed because today they didn't find anything. So she might be able to come home tomorrow, depending.

I finished AFFC finally, ZOMG. I can't wait for the fifth book. Hurry, GRRM, hurry.

My mom is sitting beside me and she's been plowing her way through the series too. She's almost finished with ASOS, so I had to hurry up and finish AFFC. And now I can submit my app to [livejournal.com profile] westerosorting which I will do once I finish the last question. \o/

I should be writing my recap/review of Dirty Sexy Money buuuuuut no such luck. >_> It was a good ep, though.

I think I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year. There's always a million reasons not to do something.

ETA: Okay, Spring Awakening is closing. Day = officially ruined. I hate that arts are the first things to go when the economy is in the tank, but how the arts are doing is indicative of a society itself. But this is me talking out of my ass.
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So I haven't updated much because honestly it's been kind of low-key around here, but today I finally have good news, so here's what's been going on in the last week.

1. I worked two days in a week for the first time in a long time. I love pretending like I'm going to be a contributing member of society.

2. I joined [livejournal.com profile] westerosorting and am working diligently on finishing AFFC so that I can get my app in so I can find out what great house I belong to. \o/

3. I am taking my second GRE on Saturday and I have been relearning how to do algebra, geometry, fractions, and learning about statistics and probability so that I can do better than I did originally. I also wish that I could somehow inherently improve my essay writing skillz like a mofo but alas I don't think it's going to happen. I'm just going to have to make sure that I'm doing my best.

4. On the TV front, my mom has started watching Dirty Sexy Money with me, and my dad has taken to watching Heroes with me so that he can make fun of me when I make noises and yell at the TV. I also finally finished Angel (I liked it, but not as much as I liked Buffy -- it had its moments, like Smile Time wherein Angel becomes a puppet). Joss always kills my favorites, though. The bastard. :( With Angel behind me I no longer have an excuse for not writing Reneesme Cullen/Connor Angel-slash-Reilly I can now watch Doctor Who and Torchwood, which I have started to do -- Doctor Who, anyway. I'm making myself wait for Torchwood (WAH). I think I secretly adore Christopher Eccleston and I want a TARDIS for Christmas.

5. There were many lolz to be had in RP last night. LOLZ are the only reason I do anything anymore.

6. I was contemplating doing NaNoWriMo because I really, really want to and I have an idea and everything, but I'm just not sure. I don't want to start it and be on track only to not do anything for three days in the middle of the month and then boom get behind and discouraged. I might do it anyway, since I don't have pile of homework and three term papers like I have in years past. >_>

7. One reason I love my Movie Gallery job: I get to talk about movies and be paid for it. My co-worker and I last Saturday talked about scary movies with basically every customer who came in and wanted a copy of The Happening, which we can't seem to keep on the shelf. She can't do them at all, and my problem is that I can never seem to find one that's scary enough. The last one I saw that I was truly scared by was The Blair Witch Project which -- okay, say what you want about that movie, but when you're twelve, watching it in the middle of the night because you know your parents wouldn't let you, and watching it in the dark lest mom and dad become suspicious... that is a fucking scary movie. I did not want to get up off the couch to turn off the TV. Maybe I'm too cynical for scary movies, I just end up thinking, "Man. That's lame," and I inevitably get bored.

8. Friday we were all ready to go to my brother's play(s) and then BAM my sister called my mom and asked if anyone was going to come get her. It was her fall break, except she had neglected to tell anyone this until that point. So we changed our plans and went to Cedar Rapids to get her. I took her back yesterday, and reminded her to tell us the next time she wanted to come home. I'm glad that we got to go to CR, though, I love road tripping with my family because seriously. Some of the stuff that happens when I'm out with all of them I could not make up if I tried.

9. Finally, I got that job I interviewed last week for and I am going tonight to do paperwork. \o/ I am going to go crazy but you know what, at least I will be paid. Not particularly well paid, but still paid.
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I spoiled myself for more ASOIAF deaths and now I'm not sure that I want to keep reading.

But I will. Damnit. ;___;
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I was reading Stephenie Meyer's BD FAQ (here) because it was linked from F_W (I am hopelessly addicted) and I come across this gem:

Stories need conflict


God, the more I think about it, the more it just feels like a punch in the gut.
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Breaking Dawn thoughts, spoilery )

Also, the urge to crossover Twilight with Buffy despite the differing mythologies is still rising.

In non-Twilight related news, I start my job at the video store tomorrow. I am nervous but it's not anything beyond what's normal. I'm pretty calm about it, it's not going to be the most difficult job I'll ever have. But it's going to put money in my account and give me great motivation to get out of here, and hopefully not too many stories for [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck.
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OMG, want it now mommy.

I haven't been writing much, because not much has been happening. It's been a slow, peaceful week with just me and the cats, and they have been in and out and making the I WUV YOU face at me when I have food and they don't. I cleaned the house last week because I wanted a nice clean house to be alone in (I dunno, something about being in a clean place makes me more relaxed), but it's kind of gotten dirty/cluttered again. Probably because I just bring all my crap out here to the couch and leave it instead of putting it back.

My goal is to finish A Clash of Kings by Thursday when I go after Mandy and Kitty (I'm reading so fast but it's so long ;_;).

I had another phone interview today with the district manager of Movie Gallery. Still playing the waiting game. Whatever.
ETA: Okay, snap, forget that. I have the job and I'm starting August 5th.

I had a fanfic bunny bu-ut I can't decide how to approach it. I think it can be done, and I can do it, but it's kind of like figuring out how you're going to build a set once you have a design.

Yes. I just made that comparison.
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I'm having a surreal moment.

In 48 hours I will be in New York City. Wow, I just said that aloud and it was FUN. SQUEE. I have four books for the trip. I probably won't read them all, but I like having a choice in my reading material. I have Outlander, The Golden Compass, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Wicked (I bought a copy at Borders today for $10 which is a deal there. :D) This is going to be fun.


I'll miss you guys. If you want to message me, it's in my user info. <333
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Well, after an examination of my toes at approximately 3 AM this morning (after I accidentally kicked the wall in my sleep, cried out in pain and woke up my mother on the other side of the wall), my toes are not broken but are indeed bruised.

Sarah and I signed up to share a room in New York, but knowing our luck we won't find anyone else to share with, and then we'll be split up into two other rooms that already have three and thus will be forced to share a room with girls who use too much hairspray and make up and I just don't like.

Finished third Princess Diaries that I started last night. Can't help it, I love those books. It made me happy.

I haven't eaten since about 4:30 yesterday and I'm starved. We have half a box of bowtie pasta in the cupboard. You do the math.

Need to fill out housing information and first year seminar forms for Coe. Damn.
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"Thig a seo!" he called, putting out his right hand to me. "Thig a seo, a Shorcha, nighean Eanruig, neart mo chridhe." Come to me, he said. Come to me, Claire, daughter of Henry, strength of my heart. Scarely feeling my feet or those I stumbled over, I made my way to him, and clasped his hand, his grip cold but strong on my fingers.

I saw him turn his head; was he looking for Bree? But no -- he stretched out his other hand toward Roger.

"Seas ri mo làmh, Roger an t'òranaiche, mac Jeremiah MacChoinnich!" Stand by my hand, Roger the singer, son of Jeremiah MacKenzie. Roger stood stock-still for a moment, eyes dark on Jamie, then moved toward him, like one sleepwalking. The crowd was still excited, but the shouting had died down, and people craned to hear what was said.

"Stand by me in battle," he said in Gaelic, his eyes fixed on Roger, left hand extended. He spoke slowly and clearly, to be sure of understanding. "Be a shield for my family -- and for yours, son of my house."

Roger's expression seemed suddenly to dissolve, like a face seen in water when a stone is tossed into it. Then it solidified once more, and he clasped Jamie's hand, squeezing hard.

Jamie turned to the crowd then, and began the calling. This was something I had seen him do before, many years before, in Scotland. A formal invitation and identification of tenants by a laird, it was a small ceremony often done on a quarter-day or after the harvest. Faces lighted here and there with recognition, many of the Highland Scots knew the custom, though they would not have seen it in this land before tonight.

"Come to me, Geordie Chishold, son of Walter, son of Connaught the Red!"

"Stand with me, a Choinneich, Evan, Murdo, you sons of Alexander Lindsay of the Glen!"

"Come to my side, Joseph Wemyss, son of Donald, son of Robert!"I smiled to see Mr. Wemyss, flustered but terribly pleased at this public inclusion, make his way toward us, head proudly raised, fair hair flying wild in the wind of the great fire.

"Stand by me, Josiah the hunter!"

Was Josiah Beardsley here? Yes, he was; a slight, dark form slid out off the shadows, to take up a shy place in the group near Jamie. I caught his eye and smiled at him; he looked hastily away, but a small, embarrassed smile clung to his lips, as though he had forgotten it was there.

It was an impressive group by the time he had finished -- nearly forty men, gathered shoulder-close and flushed as much with pride as with whisky. I saw Roger exchange a long look with Brianna, who was beaming across the fire at him. She bent her head to whisper something to Jemmy, who was submerged in his blanket, half-asleep in her arms. She picked up one of his wee paws and waved it limply toward Roger, who laughed.

"...Air mo mhionnan..." Distracted, I had missed Jamie's final statement, catching only the last few words. Whatever he had said met with approval, though; there was a low rumble of solmn assent from the men around us, and a moment's silence.

Then he let go of my hand, stooped, and picked up a branch from the ground. Lighting this, he held it aloft, then threw the blazing brand high into the air. It tumbled end over end as it fell straight down, into the heart of the fire.

"The Frasers of the Ridge are here!" he bellowed, and the clearing erupted in a massive cheer.
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Okay, I joined [livejournal.com profile] craighnaduhn this morning, where are the "Outlander" and Jamie/Claire loffers on my flist?
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I am enjoying "Good Omens" way too much for my own good.

Today consisted of a trip to the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque. Monday was Wal-Mart day. Tomorrow is my parent's wedding anniversary and supposedly, we were invited by my Uncle to go on the river in his boat tomorrow afternoon.

No, I'm sorry. If I'm supposed to go, ahem, camp on vacation with my family for four days at the END of the week, I need a day for me to recuperate from all this familyness.
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Well, I've done my patriotic duty to help keep the economy afloat.

I love sales and coupons for free movie rentals. ^_^

Books bought at Barnes and Noble:
1. A Veggietales book for Milo.
2. "Ash Wednesday" by Ethan Hawke
3. "Dear America: The Journal of Finn Reardon, a Newsie" by Susan Camboll Bartoletti
4. "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer.

Movies: "Just Married", "Phonebooth", "Sweet November", "Message in a Bottle", and "Monster's Ball". W00t. :D

And, I swear, my car should either just die completely, or stop making a monkey out of me by working when people show up to help me.


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