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Tennessee was fun. I'm glad I got to go with [livejournal.com profile] thinkatory and meet [livejournal.com profile] raven22 (again) and [livejournal.com profile] illegal_midget (for the first time!). Court is easily one of the most hilarious people I know and that is so much better in person. Especially when there is Skins and moonshine to be had. Despite our missed connection on the way back and therefore getting back to Milwaukee a little later than expected, it was a good trip with relatively few problems.

Oh my lord last day of the music meme! Hurrah! I suck at this, this should have been over a week ago. I don't know if I'm going to do another one right away again. There's a SPN one making the rounds, and a Harry Potter one, as well as a general TV and a Shakespeare one. Any opinion, flisties?

The main thing is that I have assignments on my syllabus and am going to send in my textbook requisition form today. \o/ Yay. So here's the last meme.

Day 30 - Your favourite song at this time last year
This time last year I was... well, in much the same state as I am now, although last year when I was freaking out it was over grad school and mostly where was I going to live while I was there. Now I am freaking out about whether or not I'm going to be an effective teacher.

Anyway. I got really into the band Trading Yesterday and their CD "More Than This" because someone had made a Castiel fanvid out of this song, and I heard it so hard. Like the couple times I have managed to actually RP Cas with someone besides Kitty, it has been journal titles material. The fanvid sadly no longer seems to be available, but you can listen to this awesome song, called "Revolution":

That's really all I have to say about that.

List. OMG it's done!! )
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WELL it's been a long few days. Last you heard from me I was... wow, okay, [livejournal.com profile] roseanna was still with me in Long Island. I sent her home and then the following week I came home myself. Thursday I started driving home, I stayed overnight in Ohio, and made it back on Friday afternoon. Saturday was William's first birthday so my mom, Gretchen, and I went to see Cat and William. He's such a corker. She and the father's family are still having custody issues, and I think she's supposed to be back in court today. The less I say about that, the better, I think.

Otherwise, my sister is living in an apartment in Cedar Rapids with Abby for the summer and she's going to Japan in the fall, and my brother is still doing nothing with his life. I swear, I am this close to 911ing Dr. Phil on his ass, mostly because I think if I 911'd on Cat and Chris, I think it would be sticking my nose in. Oh, I'd forgotten how nice it was to not be the center of all this drama. (Although at least this drama involves things that I actually care about, unlike Who Gets The Desks In The Office With A Window.)

But that's neither here nor there.

Now I'm going to talk about fannish things. In here there are spoilers for finales of The Mentalist, Private Practice, Grey's, and Supernatural, recent eps of Glee and Doctor Who, and the Heroes cancellation. Maybe this will get me in the mood to review the six or so shows I have seen since I posted my last review on Theatre Geekery. )

Phew. That was long. But I think I said my piece.
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I wish the worst thing that had happened in the last 48 hours was missing Jonathan Groff at Promises, Promises, but no. Then I had to get rear-ended on 347 mere miles from Stony Brook. We're both (Bee and I) okay, a little sore but nothing that an ibuprofen cocktail won't cure, and the damage to my car is cosmetic (I think. My license plate is bent and the paint is scratched) but the damage to her car is kind of epic. The fender broke and the Ford symbol was like, in her engine instead of outside on the grill.

We called the cops and they got bitchy because I didn't have my registration card with me (the state of NY sends you SO MUCH CRAP when you register a car and I've been here a grand total of nine months, how the fuck was I supposed to know?) but the report was nice and straight forward. She admitted fault, so no one has to put up a fight for anything. I think I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can take my car to the dealership in the afternoon (depending on how tired I am) or on Saturday, just to check it out. If it's cosmetic I won't bother fixing it, but I just want to make sure that nothing got damaged and is going to fall off somewhere on I-80.

I also think I should call my insurance and see if I need to switch my address to Iowa. 'Cause I don't want to (call them or switch) but even less do I want my insurance to get cancelled.

I could just switch my insurance company but I'm too fucking exhausted to think about it right now. Maybe in the fall.

There's also this fascinating kerfuffle happening amongst people in the TV/film/theatre business, talking about this Newsweek article wherein the guy (I can't be arsed to remember his name) basically said, "gay actors cannot play straight" and his first victims were Sean Hayes (currently in Promises, Promises) and my honey Jonathan Groff (now on Glee, macking it up with Lea Michele again), who honestly had me fooled until he came out of the close this fall for a number of reasons. It's just been a wanksplosion. Since I have no more schoolwork I think I might collect articles and comments and the like and write a wank report. Because this is seriously fucking epic.

Also, speaking of gay, [livejournal.com profile] roseanna and I are going to see The Temperamentals tonight. We're going to download and watch Supernatural when we get home. And then she is leaving me in the morning. :(
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So I just found out that I am teaching a Theatre 101 class next year. I was kind of expecting that, it's true, but:

1. I found out by searching for my name as instructor name in the online thing. Not by a department member saying "X, Y, and Z will be instructing our 101 classes." Nothing. Nada. I have no e-mail, no personal contact, no phone call, no nothing. Call me old fashioned but it seems like I should have been the first to know.
2. What the fuck do you teach in 101 anyway? At Coe, 101 was for students who weren't theatre majors but wanted a class to fulfill their Fine Arts credit who wanted something less strenuous than Acting I.
3. Directing I, which I have to take to graduate the program, is at the SAME FUCKING TIME as the class that I am teaching. I know, I know, Liz it's not all about you, but I don't know. It's just another pain in my ass.
4. I am going to be the worst fucking teacher in the world.

Just another reason this place is pissing me off.


My presentation's done, and I'm going to do NOTHING tonight, except write my Mentalist recap if there's a new ep tonight. I am going to party with Jose because it is Supernatural's 100th episode tonight. Can I afford to? No. Not really, but if I don't want to lose my fucking mind I don't really think I have a choice.
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I am past the point of talking about how much I love Supernatural and the writers. The actors are great, but the writing is tight and fantastic. You can have the best actors in the world but nothing will save a crappy script.

I have a casual fan interest in lots of things, but it's very rare that something captures my attention and devotion for very long the way Supernatural has.

That said, I have run out of words to talk about how amazing this show is. brb, worshiping at the altar of Kripke and Co.
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I had to. Like. I HAD to. This post contains SPOILERS for ALL of seasons 4 and 5 of Supernatural. I was going to give some kind of meta or commentary, but I really can't. I like to talk about things like this. It's why I'm a dramaturg. But there is simply too much to say. So you can make your own comments, I'll respond, and we'll have fun looking at Misha. XD Also, I kind of mistitled, because it's definitely Castiel and Jimmy moments, because I love them both. It's hard to see think of them as different characters, but I think that's why "The Rapture" is so amazing. See, there I go. ANYWAY.

This is the first time I've made one huge image rather than each cap being its own, because I think the latter way is easier to correct if there's a mistake, but I was worried about character count. >_> If the images aren't showing up, try refreshing the page.

*SPOILERS* Sorry, just had to make sure I was clear. )
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I made two wallpapers last night, one Castiel/Anna and one just Castiel. I made them for [livejournal.com profile] thinkatory but I don't think she will mind if I share. (Kitty, these are somewhat improved -- if you want to try again, you should be able to read the text this time.)

Previews etc. behind the cut. )
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And holy shit it's Thursday. I'm going back to school on Saturday. Which means I have to pack tomorrow. o_o This is going to end in tears. Possibly blood.

Michael sent out the updated book list for the Shakespeare class, and it has gone from "Shakespeare and His Contemporaries" to "The Shakespearean Dramaturgy." There used to be thirteen Shakespeare plays and thirteen others by Marlowe, Kyd, Webster, Ford, and you know, a couple others, all but one by Marlowe. But now there is an assload of Shakespeare plays and about five others. I just really can't help but be disappointed by that.

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So I took [livejournal.com profile] thinkatory home on Wednesday. I don't fly back to New York until next Saturday. So I'm just hanging out.

I'm watching the Doctor Who "Dreamland" cartoon, and like I said on Twitter, my only complaint is that there is no way for a simple computer generated image can convey the faces David Tennant makes.

Speaking of the Doctor, I loved The End of Time and I suppose that puts me in something of a... minority? No? I find the fandom a little scary so I only hover around the edges, but I loved it. David Tennant broke my heart and so did John Simm. The timey-wimeyness of it all was brilliant and holy shit Rassilon. I am a sap and I make no apologies for it.

We caught my mother up on SPN season five, and she's all excited to watch it when it comes back next week. I'm going to get to watch it with her because I won't be going back until Saturday, and that makes me happy. It'll be the first time in awhile that we've gotten to watch something where neither of us knew what was happening. Okay that's not totally true, because we watched Project Runway. I think this is going to be a season with the judges and me at odds again. They liked Ping's... thing, which leaves me with a bad feeling about this. I don't know if Anthony can make clothes, but holy shit he makes me laugh.

I did some retail therapy on Thursday with Christmas money and gift cards that I hadn't spent yet. I feel a weird sort of pressure shopping with others, for time and other things, so I like to do my serious shopping alone. I don't know, I know that I'm sort of weird like that. I bought a top at Vanity that was just a liiiiiiiiittle tight, but if I manage to lose a little weight (I know, I know, New Year's Resolutions never stick, blah blah blah) then it should fit fine. Hell maybe even my spanx will help.
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Something that makes me happy:

Aside from being at home, there isn't much. There are things going on, I mean, but I'm very mellow and lazy right now.

Also the w key on my keyboard doesn't want to work.

My brother's been watching Supernatural and I'd guess he's about halfway through the second season. My mom needs to start with season three which means Magnificent Seven, The Kids Are All Right and so on and so forth. AND THEN FOURTH SEASON. Bwahahaha. >_>
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So today, Dave set me the hard task of manning his office while he is at a faculty meeting, which consists of dicking around on his computer. He specifically mentioned YouTube, so I've been surfing around there for about the last... ten minutes, but that is enough. Why is it that I can sit there and watch videos for HOURS when I have things to do but when I'm going to be paid to do it I mosey over here to LJ to tell you all about it? I don't know.

I should take this time to work on my paper. I brought my computer and things with me so that I wouldn't have to come back out for the RUR reading that my classmates are doing tonight... and also because I think I'm starting to get on my roommate's nerves and quite frankly I don't blame her. We've basically been shut up in the apartment together since Friday afternoon and I could use the breathing room.

I did find one hilarious video.

There are MILLIONS like this one on just about every outrage imaginable and they're quite addictive. This one doesn't get too funny until the last one, there's also a very funny one about McG directing the Spring Awakening movie (for reals) and another about season five Supernatural (made before the season premiered). We are the internet and we are INSANE.
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I made a To Do list in the Gassner meeting this afternoon but it may as well be called "Things I Don't Want To Do." But I know I have to. :(

And then I got a phone call from some bill collector lady that says I owe the doctor in DeWitt money that I REALLY DON'T HAVE and so I called my parents and they said they'd take care of it except they obviously didn't. In conclusion, don't trust anyone else to take care of things for you. Ever. Especially when it involves your credit rating. It's only going to end badly.

My mom bothered me for a Christmas list last night on the phone so I made one and sent it to my dad to print out. How much do you guys want to bet that that's never going to make it to her either? Yeah, I didn't think so. It's mostly stuff that I am either reasonably sure can be acquired (i.e. books by Bernard Cornwell. He is not so obscure that a mid-sized bookstore in the Quad Cities is not going to have him in stock) or things that I have little to no chance of actually getting and so am not actually expecting to see it (i.e. a BlackBerry, a book of lectures on Othello, and the complete series of Rome). Things I would like that I can't actually put on a Christmas list: more time, more time to sleep, a time machine (are you noticing a pattern?), that people would stop being assholes, a cure for being homesick.

Then I read a spoilery interview with Sera Gamble and I want it to be January now. :( But it put me in a better mood temporarily. They seriously have to have the most amazing writer's room ever.
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They really could kill a person with chemistry.

(Picture by [livejournal.com profile] lasvegas_lights, from Collectormania.)

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Dear Eric Kripke,

I hate you.
Let me have your children,

Love, me.

Dear RTD,

That is how you do it. Bitch.

</3, me.
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So for want of anything else to do on a Saturday night, I went to Bank of America's website (one of the two banks with ATMs on campus, and the only one off Long Island) and signed up for checking/savings accounts so I can get my New York residency. Monday I'll have to go see what I have to do to change my direct deposit account. :x


ETA: Also, why does the universe hate me? Why is there a SPN con in Chitown right after I leave the Midwest? This can't be a coincidence. Because I could have been in the same room at that right there.

I'm sorry. You know what a man in a vest and tie does to me.

I'd kind of like to go to one. Because now that 5x09's aired I can only imagine the meta meta that will be going on will be FANTASTIC.
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I came back from work and my roommate told me she was moving out, she was on the waiting list to get into Chapin which has single rooms. I am kind of floored, maybe this is God's way of telling me I am not fit for human company, because at the moment I really kind of have to agree. I don't know if I'll be getting a new roommate or not, I'm going to e-mail the lady in charge and ask.

I don't know why they make "going green" such a big deal on campus and then ignore me when I bring my own canvas bag for groceries, but there is a certain amount of irony to it that I am not totally blind to.

Cut for spoilers of SPN 5x04. )
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OH. MY. GOD this season is trying to kill me with awesome.

I wish I could write like this.


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