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The REAL, LIVE version of XKCD's "boom de yadda" comic, which I have watched about five times and fall more and more in love with each time.

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It amazes me that no matter how many pictures I see of Robert Pattinson, he always manages to look like a freshly fucked homeless man.
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[23:44] my summers die: Sorry I turned John Barrowman back on
[23:44] likeabaroness: And he returned the favor?
[23:44] my summers die: Pretty much.

That has pretty much been my night. XD I am watching the How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria from Canada. They brought in John Barrowman for acting workshop in Maria school and so there was a lot of touching and such. He was hugging a girl, talking about people being tactile creatures... and the girl he's hugging is making this face the entire time, like :D :D :D. And none of us blame her. Because damn that man is hot. And distracting. I cannot do anything else when he's on. *puts Torchwood on her to-watch list*
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Am wearing a Pretty Skirt with a t-shirt today so I feel feminine and yet not. Yay!

I am also going swing dancing tonight which will hopefully be fun, as I have not done that in 13584032 years. Well, I mean, I'm sure that it will be fun, but I hope I don't suck at it.

Today there was a speaker I had to go to for my FYS class -- writer Carol Gorman spoke and read us a couple chapters from her new!unpublished!book, and it was good fun. I'm all motivated to go write a book now, yay.
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I am so dead tired. I'm also at work study. Look at me, updating my journal from the Coe financial aid office! I'M A BAD KID! ::sets a bad example::

Aghhhh. I have to move my car from the overnight lot tonight because it's been there since Monday night. I hope I don't have a ticket. I was going to go to Target because I need a belt (my pants keep falling downe yay!), poptarts, and something for my face because it is so icky and broke out. Wah. But upon an inquiry at the ATM, I found out that I have about $20 less dollars than I thought in my checking account. Er. And I have no idea where this error occurred.

Chad had to leave work because he's also working for the democratic party and we all told him to get out of here and work his ass off. I don't know what he's doing, but... guh. I don't think I need to say anymore!

Oh yes, and welcome [livejournal.com profile] mcdigitalgumby to Ye Olde Friends Liste. It's a nice place to be, and I'm sure you'll fit right in. Or something. Not like I don't see you... yeah. Every night in my room. :P

I'm tired. I think I'll sleep through dinner and reheat the Paul Revere's pizza from Monday night because I just want to nap. ::whine:: I was so tired on Tuesday night after finishing my story that I couldn't see straight and I didn't even remember how I ended the story.

I should probably try and be productive. Twenty more minutes till I get to leave!

ETA: I have FOUR Fabdemona icons. Out of 50. This is 8%. With one more it would be 10%, or 1/10. Thank you and welcome to the insanity
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We should attack Canada.

They'd never know we were coming.
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Today Heather and I resisted playing in the rain. Or something. It was thundering and lightning out so I don't think that it would have been a very good idea.

She bought me food (YAY) and we went and saw Spiderman 2, which is a pretty damn good movie, especially for a sequel. The eye candy was appreciated. MMM.

Anyway. I have chocolate fudge in the refridgerator that is calling my name. <333 my dears.
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I'm updating from [livejournal.com profile] heathersy and [livejournal.com profile] duchessdollydot land and you're not. :P

I'm just t00bing around while Heather works. Today's the only day she'll have to work, though.

T00bing, t00bing, t00bing.

La la la.

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To add from yesterday:

Tootsie rolls are perhaps the best chocolate ever -- at least in the top five. But when you walk into a store and buy some candy, you don't think, "Mm! Tootsie roll! That sounds great!"

Tootsie rolls: the wonderful, yet overlooked candy.
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I can see how some people get addicted to painkillers.
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Obligatory last post before a large milestone. Next time you all talk to me, I will officially be a high school graduate.

Right. Off to watch RotK now.
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My cat who ran away four days ago (the beta eater) just returned. My mother said, "Kill the fattened beta!" and I was not amused. -.-

We are just praying to God that she is not pregnant.
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I painted my nails black. I think I'm going to go Goth.
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About five seconds after I told [livejournal.com profile] ladyjaida that I wished my cell phone to ring and for it to be Jacob, my cell phone did ring, but it was my mother. Feh.

I think the first thing I'll do when I have internet back on my computer is make a new layout.

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There's a user at FAP named Wyrmslayer. Run for your life, Neil! (Or fly, whatever suits you best.)

Also, I just realized that [livejournal.com profile] _witchinghour_ will be over my 20th birthday. How cool is that?

EDIT: I've had this layout since I got my LJ almost two years ago. Someone want to help me do something with this piece of crap? Please? Drabbles or icons are in it for you if you wish payment!
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Updating from school, Mr. Ed's computer. Am such a rebel.
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My government teacher predicts that there is a fan in Chicago who is being severly beaten...


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