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Yuletide 2015

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! Hello! Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! Etc. First of all, thank you very very much for signing up and writing for me. Getting assigned to me was pure chance, I know, but considering that we apparently share at least one or two fandoms, you are clearly an awesome person and I'm excited to see whatever you can draw out of my prompts. So relax and have fun. Now, without further ado, let's to the prompts!

1. Maleficent (Character/s: Diaval)
All the Diaval. He became a shapeshifter in the service of his mistress; does he ever wish he were still just a bird? When did he become as invested in Aurora's well-being as Maleficent was, when it was no longer just him doing her bidding? Was it cool being a dragon? (These are the important questions, okay.)

I just. I love Diaval, okay? What I find most interesting is that a familiar might be a man who shapeshifts into a raven, but he's a raven who shapeshifts into a man! How crazy is that?! (The fact that he is Sam Riley doesn't hurt a bit either.) I think I'd love some genfic here rather than anything shippy.

2. Da Vinci's Demons (Character/s: Leonardo da Vinci, Girolamo Riario, Nico, VANESSA MY QUEEN)
Vanessa is one of my favorite characters and I'd love something Vanessa-centric. If possible I'd like to examine her from her pre-canon place at the convent and maybe in particular her relationship with Leonardo. Their relationship fascinates me and basically they need to have more interaction.

If that doesn't trip your trigger, I'd also love to read about Riario and Nico -- together or separately. Or Nico with Vanessa. Any combination of these characters will make me happy!

So the third and final season is premiering on the 24th and I am FREAKING STOKED. This show was such a happy surprise to me and I swear to god I don't know why this fandom isn't huge with eight zillion fics of all kinds of pairings. So I am really interested in Vanessa; she grows SO MUCH over the course of both seasons. Her relationship with Leonardo dazzles me and really interests me the most. I love Nico for the same reason. I mean, how does my hapless ray of sunshine go to becoming the premiere politician of the Renaissance? And Riario is so my type in the Guys Who Unintentionally Become Bad and Believe There Is No Good in Them vein.

3. The Fades (Character/s: Anna Roberts, Paul Roberts)
All the sibling fic, I wannit. *grabby hands* And twins! The series caught Paul and Anna at that awkward stage of their life: the teen years. Anna wanted to be cool and Paul didn't have an interest in those things and then before you know it he's growing angel wings and shit like that. So while they weren't very close when the series started, I think there were times when it was pretty obvious that they had been once, and might be again. They didn't have as much interaction as I wanted on screen, and the first (/only) season ended abruptly so yeah, take it where you will.

SO MUCH ROBERTS FAMILY TRAUMA. *chinhands* Like. Maybe they'll want to talk about Jay! (I also love Jay, but she wasn't nominated so yeah SADNESS.)

4. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (TV) (Character/s: Alice, Cyrus)
MARRIED PEOPLE SHENANIGANS! By which I mean adventures post series. Whether that's on earth, or they go back to Wonderland, or another one of the magic kingdoms from the OUAT universe is up to you but these were great characters and I was sad that the program wasn't renewed. Anyway, so often in stories marriage gets treated as The End of adventures and settling into domestic life, babies ever after, etc., but that just does not seem like Alice and Cyrus to me! I think there are just as many interesting tales to be had after the power couple says "I do."

5. Smash (Character/s: Ivy Lynn, Derek Wills)
Ivy and Derek are trying to move from a rocky, on-and-off relationship to parenthood. What are the challenges? What are the ups and downs? Fluff is a-okay with me. :)

This may be a bit of a "duh" statement, but: I am not in the least kidfic averse. I love kidfic. This fic could cover one particular instance of Baby Conroy-Wills (I think Ivy Lynn's legal last name is the same as her mother's and Ivy Lynn is a stage name, likely her first and middle, because she wanted to distance herself from her mother's fame, end digression) and parents, or it could span years. I am just so all about the Ivy/Derek is is stupid, man.

Other things that may help you:
1. Don't feel compelled to write sex. If you do it's fine, I'm a big girl, but I really don't want just an entire PWP. My only hard nos are A/B/O and non-canonical incest.
2. I like AUs, so it's perfectly fine to take a canon divergent route if you're inspired to do so. Please no high school/university or coffee shop AUs, that sort of thing. I've enjoyed some in my day and they can be good, but a lot of the time it seems like it's an excuse to write the characters without the challenges that their world presents. Ooh another AU I love is Daemon (a la His Dark Materials) AUs.
3. Even though I've listed characters, it is okay to not use all of them or use more than I nominated. i.e. if Zoroaster demands to make an appearance in the Da Vinci's Demons prompt, Maleficent and Aurora will likely figure in pretty heavily with Diaval fic, etc. I'll be okay with whoever you want to use to tell the story. Just please try not to insert ships where I haven't noted any.

I might add more if I think of something else, but I'll try not to do it too often. I am with family on Christmas day and will probably be working like crazy the week after, so if I don't review right away don't worry. It's not you, it's this pesky thing called "real life." I will definitely do my due diligence. :)

Thank you much,
Liz aka lizimajig at AO3