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dramaturgy ([personal profile] dramaturgy) wrote2013-10-29 11:49 pm

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So this person has music for DL on their site, which is cool, including a CD that I REALLY, REALLY NEED BADLY WANT. But when you click to go to it, you have to fill out a survey, which THEN requires like at least two other tasks which involve money spent for shipping and handling and shit like that and do you know how cool that ISN’T?

Like, yeah, I may not buy a lot of music because I’m poor, and download it all, and maybe the artist doesn’t see any cash because of that. But at least I am not putting it online and then MAKING MONEY OFF IT FOR MYSELF.

Person who runs that shithole of a website: I hope your Wifi becomes terminally spotty. I hope your router dies. I hope the RIAA cracks you so hard your grandmother feels it. I hope viruses infect your computer. I hope your hard drive fries in the computer. I hope all your music and porn disappears. I hope every time you take a step for the rest of your life it feels like you are walking on legos. I hope your download speeds are throttled into non-existence.