dramaturgy: ([Glee] Rocky Horror.)
dramaturgy ([personal profile] dramaturgy) wrote2013-10-22 06:37 pm

I get into horror movies right around Halloween...

If you want a horror movie and slasher type flicks don’t do it for you, I recommend The Poughkeepsie Tapes. It’s a documentary style horror film about a fictional serial killer. (Warning: the eponymous tapes do depict abuse and torture of a physical, mental, and sexual nature. It’s rated R, and it definitely earned it. It’s a hard R.)

If ghost/supernatural stories are more your thing, I recommend The Unborn. A young woman’s life is in danger from a dybbuk, who apparently came into this world after the death of a young boy in Auschwitz. It’s a little cheesy but it’s not nearly as campy as it could have been, and there are some good jump scares in it.

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