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I should be finishing my thesis.

but I’m not.

I’m on page twenty-five of about forty and I just. My brain. pffffffffffft

I mean I’m not actually going to finish my degree this semester because I haven’t had a professional internship.

so I’m kind of like what’s the point.

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I have so much I want to talk about. But since brevity is the soul of wit and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.

My sister is still in Japan of this moment. She's okay, there wasn't much damage in Nagoya from the earthquake, but she's going (I keep typing 'coming' but I'm not there) home for a bit and she'll get in on Monday. I don't know if my mom will ever let her go anywhere ever again, but maybe now at least she won't drive me crazy for a bit. I love my mother and understand being worried, but seriously. (I also understand that she is ~mother and her worry probably outshines any that I had -- and I was a bit worried but my sister is a smart girl and the Japanese know how to handle it.) I told Gretchen to grab something good when the looting started, but apparently they don't do that. Which is cool.

Sunday I went and saw Angels in America at Signature again. They changed the cast, and Michael Urie was playing Prior so obviously I had to go. As much as I hesitate to say it... Michael Urie is totally my Prior. Justin Kirk is wonderful in the film, and Christian Borle was amazing, but Michael? He was inspired. He was just the perfect combination of righteous, queeny rage, fear, awareness of the absurdity of it all, and at times, utter contempt for the world around him. And how he looks in a dress is exactly as unfair as you would think it is.

Adam Driver was a newcomer as Louis. I LOVED him. He LOOKED like a neurotic Jewboy, and had amazing comic timing. At first I thought he was a little stiff but I warmed up to him. I actually ended up liking Louis a little lot more than I usually do -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Considering some of the things he does, it increases my sympathy and emotional reaction when he does or says reprehensible things. Truthfully, Bill Heck puts too much ANGRY~ in his Joe for my taste. I get that he's supposed to be confused and maybe a bit self-loathing, but I don't think I should fear for Harper's safety when they're arguing. I didn't like Keira Keeley (I think that's her name) as Harper as much as I liked Zoe Kazan. Zoe was a bit younger, more ethereal -- I could believe she went flying and saw ex-drag queens in her hallucinations, but Keira went a bit more zombiesque with her interpretation at times. And there was a lot of yelling. :\ Bill Porter was still Belize and he was STILL fabulous. Jeffrey Wright is Jeffrey Wright but Bill Porter was DIVAING OUT. The angel was good. I don't know if I like her as much as Robin Weigert, but it was a different interpretation. A lot more human at all times, not just sometimes.

I didn't want to stalk too much -- stagedooring Off-Broadway is a different culture than Broadway shows, I'm finding -- but I wanted to fangirl Michael Urie a little and was under orders from [livejournal.com profile] occultebelta to do so. So he signed my copy of The Temperamentals and told him I'd enjoyed that play as well, I'm teaching it in my 101 class this semester (last semester wasn't so impressed with Angels), and it was in part due to that play that I want to pursue my MFA project in queer dramaturgy. I voiced a concern about identifying straight -- in my experience, cautious self-deprecation and disclaiming works out better in the end when it's genuine -- and he blew it off. He said, "You may have more to say than a queer artist." So therefore I intend to make no more apologies about it. Onward and upward. Michael Urie said so.

Last week I applied and interviewed for a customer service position at Old Navy -- so basically what I'd been doing at Lane Bryant, but I'll be able to do it in jeans. Except when they offered me the position and tried to set up a time for me to come in for training and such, they proceeded to ignore the availability I gave them when I applied and tried to get me to come in Monday during classtimes, Tuesdays when I'm teaching, and damn. I don't even. Why? So I gave him my availability AGAIN and he said he'd call back. That was Wednesday. So if this is going to be a chronic problem I'm not sure I want to work for them. Because my school and teaching job are going to come first. Sorry. The end.

I had two major writing assignments due last Monday. Of course I left them until the last minute. One was a ten minute play, which I actually ended up being proud of despite not considering myself a playwright (it's hard to give all the information the audience needs just in dialogue without being didactic or fake). I got a B+ on a paper on Elizabethan foreign policy. I probably would have gotten higher if I'd been able to bother with MLA formatting and edit properly, but no. She did compliment my handling of the history though, so I will take it.

I've sort of started using my tumblr that I made to see what the fuss was about. And when I say 'using' I mean I'm reblogging shit like it's going out of style. It's here.

I am giving serious thought as to when I want to move, and 'soon' is what comes to mind. Twice this week I have been woken at 9:30 by a roommate (the same roommate) wailing the song "Fuck You" at the top of her voice. First of all, that's a god awful song 24/7, and second, 9:30 is not the proper hour to be shouting songs.

I just have this fear of not having enough money to stay in an apartment elsewhere and getting evicted and having to live in my car. Which is stupid. But I get anxious, I get depressed about being anxious, I get anxious because I don't get anything done when I'm depressed and it piles up, etc.

Also, Galileo is going to suck. And that is an objective assessment.
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In conclusion, fuck you life.

Today is my day off, so if I have errands to do I generally do them on a Friday. Thumbs up, right? Well recently I've switched car insurances because the guys at my old company were a bunch of douchebags and tres expensive, so I went with Progressive. Now, I have to have a vehicle inspection before a certain date so they can make sure everything is kosher. Awesome, I can do this. Progressive gives me a company and an address so I think everything will be fine.

Except it isn't.

I get up and get out today to go to Main Street Mobil at 58 North Country Road in Setauket, follow the directions I got from Mapquest, and -- surprise -- there is no 58. There's a 56, and a 60, but 58 seems to elude me completely. There's no signs on the road saying "Main St. Mobil up this drive" etc. So, fine. I drive by a few times, look on the opposite side of the street, take a nearby side street. Literally every conceivable option I explore. So now that I'm annoyed and thinking, "Gee it would be nice to have a smartphone right now so that I could avoid going all the way back to the school and looking it up again on my home computer." (It's actually very close to the school, but Stony Brook is set up in a really stupid manner so getting back to my parking lot is really an exercise in patience, especially in the middle of the day where students will just cross the road willy nilly without looking.)

So I come back into my room, try to look up another location on Progressive, except the page where you can do that seems to disappear once they have your money. I put the address in to Google, and see that Mapquest was giving me wrong directions. So with a renewed sense of hope, I drive by hoping to see that address and -- nope. Nothing. Zero. NA. DA. It's either really well hidden (which I think is stupid but Long Island does this a lot -- there is no conceivable pattern to the streets at all and a lot of things are hidden back from the road) or I am just blind. So I came back here, giving up for the day.

And yeah. Now I'm pissed, because what should have been a quick little jaunt and took maybe half an hour or less wasted two hours of my time. I give up, universe. You win.
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BRB, guys, driving to Pennsylvania.
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I have been trying to get an exam copy of the textbook I'm supposed to be teaching. Yes, I went ahead and bought a regular copy 'cause I didn't know what else to do, but then I had a thought, since I am an anxiety-riddled twentysomething who is not happy unless she has something to hyperventilate about (as though my discovered money troubles of yesterday weren't enough): what if there is stuff I NEED in the exam copy? So I tried again to order the book, except their website has a malfunction. It won't let me list my appropriate department at SB. So I decided to contact support which, it turns out, I CAN'T DO because every time it fails to connect.


I'm pretty lucky, because as far as the money thing goes, I have a family that's not going to let me founder into crippling penury. I said I wanted to be a dramaturg and they said, "Awesome! I have no idea what that is, but go for it!" And I said, "Neither do I! But I guess we'll find out!" Fuck this. I give up. You win, life.

Day 15 - A song that describes you

Some days I'm like this:

And some days I'm like this:

Today I think I'm more like this:

List )
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So I just found out that I am teaching a Theatre 101 class next year. I was kind of expecting that, it's true, but:

1. I found out by searching for my name as instructor name in the online thing. Not by a department member saying "X, Y, and Z will be instructing our 101 classes." Nothing. Nada. I have no e-mail, no personal contact, no phone call, no nothing. Call me old fashioned but it seems like I should have been the first to know.
2. What the fuck do you teach in 101 anyway? At Coe, 101 was for students who weren't theatre majors but wanted a class to fulfill their Fine Arts credit who wanted something less strenuous than Acting I.
3. Directing I, which I have to take to graduate the program, is at the SAME FUCKING TIME as the class that I am teaching. I know, I know, Liz it's not all about you, but I don't know. It's just another pain in my ass.
4. I am going to be the worst fucking teacher in the world.

Just another reason this place is pissing me off.


My presentation's done, and I'm going to do NOTHING tonight, except write my Mentalist recap if there's a new ep tonight. I am going to party with Jose because it is Supernatural's 100th episode tonight. Can I afford to? No. Not really, but if I don't want to lose my fucking mind I don't really think I have a choice.
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Well now I am NICE AND AWAKE from my NICE COLD SHOWER. I seriously hope whoever lives here next has better luck getting shit fixed than I do.

I want to do a meme. I want to do that picture meme... people ask you to take pictures of certain aspects of your life, or places, or what have you. So ask me to take a picture of something in my life right now and if I am still feeling it in the morning, we will get back to you.
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Om nom nom Indian food. I just met [livejournal.com profile] dmp and her affianced and they are so much fun. I even think I managed to stay away from talking about myself too much, hooray! They looked awesome in their steampunk gear and I felt rather underdressed in my jeans and Hawkeyes t-shirt. They are here for I-Con and I am a little miffed that this is taking place at my OWN SCHOOL and I had to hear about it from Diana.

But yes. Anyway. I have a picture of my car!

Cut. )

He's pretty. I'm pretty sure it's a he. I don't have any ideas for names yet. He rides very smooth though. Wednesday morning was a headache because I was trying to figure out parking permit stuff. I called the office when they opened and they said if I put my stuff in online it would be ready by nine. I cheerily said okay!! and went down there. I got there about ten after nine and they couldn't find it. So they said I'd have to go to the bursar's office. I went to the bursar's office, and they said I'd have to bring in my registration. So I went and got it out of my window, but it's only a temporary registration, which they don't take. At this point I was pretty pissed because, what the hell people. I think the lady felt bad for me because I'm sure I looked like my head was going to explode, and so she got the student parking people to write me a temporary parking pass. Argh.

Wednesday night, I saw The Pride with [livejournal.com profile] strangerface and her sister, which I loved. I wrote a nice, thoughtful post on my theatre blog, and you can read that if you want, but here I'm going to do the fangirling.

If you've read this journal ever, you know that Ben Whishaw is one of my favorite actors and if they sold tickets to a performance of him reading out of a phone book I would probably go. But it was tired, it was a Wednesday, and I was getting a little headachey, so I was torn on whether or not to try and stagedoor this mofo. We walked out and kept on walking, and I left Emily and Bridget to take the 1 up to Penn. Except I went into the 'Downtown' entrance which is not where I needed to go. So I got up the stairs and it hit me: that was a sign. I went back to the theatre.

I wish I'd been cool enough to say something besides HI THANKS FOR COMING TO NY I LOVED THE PLAY CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN, but [livejournal.com profile] roseanna is going to teach me her ways. Apparently she can channel her nervous energy into being cute rather than awkward. But yes. Hugh Dancy was a total gentleman with a gorgeous smile and almost a little too [livejournal.com profile] codeswitching for me to not be weirded out (I'M SORRY I KILLED YOU, luckily, did not fall out of my mouth). Adam James was hilarious and now when I watch Planet of the Dead I'm going to be on the lookout for him. Ben Whishaw BEN WHISHAW was very nice, a bit... shyer seeming, but I did the hi, hello, thanks for the show bit, and told him I was a very big fan -- god, why am I so cliche? He thanked me, said "Cheers" (the British are so adorable), and by this time the others who had stuck around to stagedoor had realized that he was the other guy. Andrea Riseborough was lovely as well. She reminded me a lot of a girl I was at Coe with in theatre. XD None of them were a bit short, and were very happy to be there, I think.

I was too nervous to get pictures, but, playbill? )

Also, only somewhat unrelatedly as one of my first impressions of Ben was "he's a bit shorter than I thought he might be," I realized that thanks to the freakishly tall men in my family, I have a skewed perception on what "tall" is. Being 5'8" myself probably doesn't help.
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Time Out NY tried their hand at casting for the Signature Theatre Company's revival of Angels in America next season. Long story short, they are much better at it than 99% of the aspiring casting directors, I'm looking at you SMeyer and Co. and that is such an impressive list. I would go see just about any of those people in anything. But mostly? I want to see Lee Pace in drag again. He is a good looking woman.

[livejournal.com profile] dmp, this pertains to you, but in general I AM BUMMED because we were not able to get fifteen people for the group rate to see American Idiot. We should totally go anyway.
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Note to self: introduce my grandmother to nostalgia critic. Send her e-mails to the spam bin.

Happy Fucking St. Patrick's Day. I hate this holiday and nobody wants to hear why because everyone's drunk.
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More in the Things Are Not Going My Way Today saga.

First I couldn't bring up the car insurance documents to fax to the dealership -- because I need proof of insurance before I can drive the car away. Fine, no problem. So I call the guy because I don't have their fax number on me, and he asks me if it's a New York insurance card. I say no, because, well, it isn't. The insurance is Iowa, because we decided I was going to go on my parents' since it was cheaper by a lot. I didn't know that we could do that and I was confused but when I asked if it would be a problem with the car registered in my name here in New York, and he said it wouldn't. So I shrugged, said okay, and we moved along.

So my dad put my car on his insurance, although with me as a college student still in Iowa because that's the only way it would let him do it. Ergo, Iowa insurance card. Well I talked to him and he said that if we do things that way it would have to be registered and plated as an Iowa vehicle.

And then he's shocked when I start to get upset. Of course I'm upset. I'm not upset because it won't work that way, I'm not upset because of the snag, I'm upset because this is exactly what I asked about two weeks ago.

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You know what would be awesome? If I could PRINT THE INSURANCE INFORMATION I NEED TO GIVE THE DEALERSHIP. I want my car, damn them! :(
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The one time I actually CAN go to bed early and have the desire to, I can't sleep and end up laying there, tossing around for two hours. This is a bitch.

I had to write a ten minute play for my Play Development Workshop class, since we're holding a ten minute play festival (using the prompt "the most important thing in the world") and Steve wanted us to "understand the process" or something. I don't really consider myself a playwright, so it was an interesting exercise. I do prose, usually, where you can have narrative and a little more psychological insight whereas in a play it's all action and it all has to be in the text. Anything else the director's making up. Anyway, Chris wrote this great dark comedy about hope, and Aaron wrote these hilarious little vignettes about the invention of the wheel, and I wrote a piece about a guy who accidentally killed and then purposefully dismembered a young girl and he wants the mother's forgiveness before he gets strapped to a table. I am a cheery little fuck.

Also, I am very bad with money and nobody should ever let me have any. And you should never go grocery shopping when you haven't eaten anything all day. These two statements are related.

My last Mentalist recap was sixteenth in the top thirty hits for thetwocents.com last week! Woo! This has never happened for me before, so this is a good thing.

Steve wants to start holding graduate meetings on Tuesday mornings at NINE AM. Which would be all very well and good, I'm sure, except when you can't fall asleep until 4:30 and have to leave the apartment at 8:30 to get there on time, the morning comes very early.

Today I was very sleepy because that's what happened to me last night. I was sleepy which is different from just tired.

I started reading the next Bernard Cornwell book I have, which is The Archer's Tale, the first of a trilogy. I get through the first twenty pages, coastal English village, our hero is tall and strong, your basic Cornwell fare. We also get to hear a lot about the priest. Also pretty typical for Cornwell, as his priests tend to come in two flavors: one, holier-than-thou, vice ridden, and disgustingly corrupt, or two, not as pious and devoted as you might expect but okay guys. This one is the latter. Okay. Well we have French raiders getting all up in their grill now and kill the priest and the rest of the village as well (except for our hero of course). Okay, fine.

Hero and the priest get this wonderful scene before he expires and then we find out the hero is the priest's son, and this is treated as though we readers should have known this all along. And maybe I should have been genre-savvy enough to know, since in that moment we also hear that hero's mother is the priest's housekeeper. Okay then. But looking back though the first pages, it is pretty much implied that the priest and hero's father are two different people. I get the whole priests having kids thing, I do. But if Cornwell was going for a Big Reveal, I can only say that he failed fantastically and his editor should have beat him with a switch until he fixed it. Sometimes I think best-selling authors start getting held to a lower standard than lower-earning authors do and getting passes because they make the company money (Jesus, look at SMeyer), but I digress. I was just disappointed is all.
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I haven't had a hot shower since I came back to Stony Brook. They've mostly been tepid. I would even say that one or two may have flirted with "warm" before disappointing me completely. When I moved in and I had to turn the knob ALL the way to get anything that even approached hot enough for me, I said I could live with that. But at that temperature, I could run the shower and the mirror would fog up. Now I'm lucky if I can get it a little humid in the bathroom.


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So because my mother is a flake the bitch at the doctor back in DeWitt sent me forms for financial assistance on this stupid bill (for shots I got so that I could freaking ENROLL, by the way) and I am supposed to provide copies of my license/ID (a temp, but fine), two paycheck stubs (fine), my "last filed Federal Income Tax form, completed and signed" (what the shit? Don't people, you know, send those to the IRS?), and "decision regarding application for Medicaid/Title 19 coverage" (what the fuck is that supposed to mean?).

I just feel like getting someone on the phone and yelling at them. Not that it'll do me any good.
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Having a car would be awesomely convenient.

But if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak, amirite?
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I just woke up. x_x

I would feel bad except that was an amazing nine hours and I feel awesome.

Also I downloaded Waters of Mars but I really don't want to watch it because each minute theoretically brings us closer to the demise of Ten and the rise of Eleven. It's not that I'm not excited for the switchover because I've seen some spoilers in the form of filming pics and BOY AM I EXCITED. But there is a part of me that is so attached to Ten that I don't want to let him go. And also, I've not quite forgiven RTD for killing Ianto. ;_; I know, I'm everything wrong with the fandom. Kill me now.
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I am supposed to write a comparison of these two plays I read. I understood one perfectly and I just finished the other and I don't even know what the fuck was going on.

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Moving 1000 miles from home is hard. There's a reason the only people who've done it are pioneers, criminals, and Super-Man.

Seriously. Getting the doctor who has known me since I was seven to give me an antidepressant was hard enough.

I woke up late this morning. Why do I do this to myself? I'm only shooting myself in the foot.


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