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Make the Yuletide gay as you could possibly want to

Dear Yuletide Person:

Hello. Greetings. Shalom. Etc. Lizimajig at AO3 here. First, thanks for writing me a story. That makes you one of the coolest people ever in my book. I'm going to love it no matter what you decide to do, so take a deep breath and relax. This is supposed to be fun, not a high stress situation in which you fret over what is this person going to think.

So I have a variety of requests. I figure I have a chance of hitting at least one if not two things with someone, and authors can have their pick and choose!

The Prompts:
The Wicked Years:
I'm interested in the relationship dynamics in the triad of Liir/Candle/Trism, or what it could have been. I don't care if it's canon compliant or divergent, but they are my OT3. Maybe the three of them can manage to take care of Rain from the end of Son of a Witch, or even if you expand on things the books aren't as explicit about. I don't mind, I just love all three of these incredibly complex characters!

Liir/Candle/Trism OT3 5ever. I'm open to AU or canon compliant, but there can never be enough polyamory in fic for me. (See also: Snow White and the Huntsman prompt below.) Canon never explicitly states what happened between Candle and Trism (at least, that I remember reading or just plain didn't catch). I was just so happy that there can be such a thing as a canon bisexual character that I glommed on. What I like about the series is the gritty, underbelly of Oz aspect to it. I enjoy the politics, and how they drive the whole story. I love Liir's identity issues, as far as struggling as Elphaba's son, and how he somehow managed to be a balanced if wanted adult. He's my favorite character in the series, easily.

Snow White and the Huntsman:
From the film's Wild Mass Guessing page on TV Tropes: "Snow White needed the kiss of BOTH the Huntsman and William to 'wake up'.
This will never be canon, but I like the theory. Basically, Snow White is polyamorous and in love with both men. So, in order to wake, BOTH her loves needed to kiss her." (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/SnowWhiteAndTheHuntsman)

Basically, I want it. (I was the one who added "Headcanon accepted" after the guess. XD) I also added the one below it that says basically the Huntsman's kiss worked because he was saying good bye to his deceased wife as well as Snow White. If you can't fit that in with the above, it's fine. I would rather have that than this; I have a lot of feelings about this movie. :x

I liked this movie, I really did, I just wanted it to go further than it did. It was beautiful visually, and again with the OT3ness. I am down for poly fun times or figuring out the triad in ruling the kingdom -- maybe William deals with military and international (?) matters that a nobleman might handle, and Eric is closer to the people of the kingdom and she rules with their council? Is it a true threeway or are William and Eric more like sister wives? (Brother husbands?) I JUST WANT IT. *grabbyhands*

Ivy and Derek are trying to move from a rocky, on-and-off relationship to parenthood. What are the challenges? What are the ups and downs? Fluff is a-okay with me. :)

Shipping Ivy/Derek like FedEx, that's me. I have a complicated history with this show; I loved the first season and the second mostly made me want to shut my head in a car door. I am a theatre professional, have worked in NYC theatre, and I was excited because they were finally writing a show for me. I think the main problem was that A) Theresa Rebeck, who is a great playwright, left, and B) they started writing for the TV audience rather than kept writing for the theatre audience who watches TV. And as much as I wanted to back up my fellow Iowa girl Karen, I grew to hate her a lot and grew to love Ivy more. And Derek I always loved. Yeah, he was an asshole, but he KNEW he was an asshole and he never tried to convince anyone otherwise. Basically, he got shit done. They were two of the most complex characters on the show and at times the only ones I could stand. I'd love to follow their journey into parenthood. This may be a bit of a "duh" statement, but: I am not in the least kidfic averse. I love kidfic. This fic could cover one particular instance of Baby Conroy-Wills (I think Ivy Lynn's legal last name is the same as her mother's and Ivy Lynn is a stage name, likely her first and middle, because she wanted to distance herself from her mother's fame, end digression) and parents, or it could span years. I am just so all about the Ivy/Derek is is stupid, man.

The Hour:
Season 2 coda. I know, I'm super original, but I'm absolutely distraught about how they ended the series! XD Freddie/Bel, the troubles of the aftermath of what they did in season two, particularly how this may change the two of them. Give them problems but a happy ending eventually? Make them work for it. *g*

I've read a lot of Freddie/Bel post season two, and season two codas, but none of them have really ever done it for me, for various reasons. I love Freddie and his idealism, and I love him with Bel, and, augh. They took a big hit, no pun intended, at the end of the second season and I want to know how that changes things for them. Work for that happy(ish?) ending! Lasting injuries, psychological damage, I'm game for it all.

New Amsterdam:
Is Sara the one? Or is it just John's wishful thinking that it would be so? If she isn't, is there someone else? (Please no John/Eva.)

John is such an amazing, tragic character, but I didn't like Sara all that much. He seemed way more into her than she was ever into him, and I think that was mostly wistful thinking on his part, because he wanted to live his life with his One Twue Wuv and then die at a ripe old age of natural causes. Additionally, I was never sure if John/Eva was going to be their end game. I didn't think so, because I just didn't see that kind of chemistry (they had more like an older brother/younger sister vibe, to me) but I know a lot of shows would go that route, but either way, with only eight episodes it's kind of hard to tell.

Sleepy Hollow:
Something with Ichabod/Katrina during the Revolutionary War. Their courtship, early marriage, or just anything.

Ichabod Crane, Sassmaster General to George Washington (as I have taken to calling him) is my favorite. I love how Ichabod v. the 21st Century isn't a series of mishaps and him screaming WITCHCRAFT (considering he beheaded a horseman of the Apocalypse, that would just seem OOC to me) and is instead mishaps where he is just kind of like "Oh. Sorry. Sorry. >_>" or ":D *presses buttons*" I love Abbie too, and I might ship it a little or more than a little but I am deeply interested in Katrina as well, and their relationship. It sounds like it started antagonistically, but obviously grew into something deep and loving by the time he was dying. So give me something with the two of them. If you want to pair it with something with him and Abbie in the present day or use it as a frame, that's okay (I REALLY DO LOVE ABBIE OKAY???) but I want the focus to be Ichabod and Katrina.

Other things to help you craft a Yuletide story that will make me fall in love with you forever and make me fangirl you until you can't stand it:
1. My only hard nos are non-canonical incest and A/B/O verse.

2. I am okay with AUs. Actually, I LOVE AUs. But more like canon divergent AUs, like "if Trism had stayed at Apple Press Farm with Candle and Liir." I am also okay with genderswap of the always-a-[other gender] variety (i.e. I wrote a Doctor Who fic where Rory was always a girl and Rory/Amy was still totally a thing because yes ♥). I'm not really into high school, college, or coffeeshop AUs, for instance. (They can be well done and I have even enjoyed a few in my day, but usually I find it's an excuse for the characters to make constant pop culture references and not do the work of writing them in their world.)

3. Don't feel compelled to do smut. Honestly, nine times out of ten I can take or leave it. I would rather have complex, compelling characters than the hottest sex scene ever written. If the plot takes you there and you want to get explicit, go for it. I am a big girl. But please no PWP or sex because sex.

4. Gen is also okay. A lot of my prompts are romantically inclined, but I don't think they're mindless and I am perfectly okay with character-driven narrative.

5. My LJ has been sort of empty in the last couple of years, because I went to grad school and how I spent my time has changed and also I locked a lot of stuff because I was talking about people and professors from the University, so I didn't want someone to stumble on the place where I just dumped all my negative feels about them and cause an awkward (and potentially harmful) situation. I'm trying to make a comeback, but it's slow going. XD My fandoms are in my tags, and you can also page through my tumblr and get a better idea of my fandoms, but honestly I am such a fandom junkie.

6. Smash takes place in the same universe as Slings & Arrows. If you can do something with this information, great, and if you can't, you just learned something. :)

I think that's all, if I think of anything else in the next couple of weeks I'll edit it, but I think I'm okay. I was going to say if you have any questions, ask, but I guess that kind of spoils the anonymous nature of the challenge, doesn't it? XD

Thanks, I'll see you January 1,
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