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So I tried to make an appointment with a family practitioner today because I have had heartburn/nausea on and off since Thursday and now it's tender in my upper abdomen. But the lady at the doctor advised me to go to the ER. After talking to like four different people to ensure that I was still covered by the school insurance I went to the ER. They think I may have gallstones, I have to follow up with surgery people within seven days. Which is to say they will determine if I need surgery or not.

I'm supposed to be moving on August 1. I hope I don't need surgery but honestly I'd let them cut off my arm if that would make me feel better. I'm sleep-deprived because this keeps me up since it hurts. Because I'm tired I kept crying in the ER and they kept asking if it was because I was in pain. Which I appreciate and suppose is their job.

At least they didn't take a look at me and decide I was having trouble because I'm fat. Which, you know, I'm sure doesn't help but I have been careful about what I'm eating and what I'm doing. I still do pizza but not as often and not as much at a time; I cut back on soda (which is my real Achilles heel), and in general have just tried to eat less more often, stay upright after meals for at least a couple of hours (which is hard to do when your two pieces of furniture are a really uncomfortable chair and your bed). When I went to see a doctor in student health back in November I got the "diet and exercise" talk, broke down, and wound up with more prozac. Like yeah, I'm sure my life would be much easier and my health probably would be better if I weren't as heavy as I am, but I can't fix that over night.

Oh well. My mom had her gall bladder taken out when I was in elementary school, so I'm not super shocked that this is a problem I would have. It just sucks.

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